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fulfillment storage of Post Systemlogistik


You or your supplier deliver your products per package or per pallet to our warehouse. We accept your goods, inspect them for external intactness and check the correct quantity on the basis of the packaging. You will receive the confirmation of goods receipt together with the signed delivery electronically.

Your goods are stored according to your requirements (e.g. temperature) in the high shelf or shelf storage system and are clearly signed to a storage place with our state of the art warehouse management system.

You will get a report of the goods and quantity stored. You can use this report for synchronisation with the online shop – but also with your warehouse management system. In order to provide you with this information, we need a clear article master data of your products that we define together before the initial delivery.

Value Added Services for warehousing:

  • Special warehouse conditions (e.g. cold storage facilities)
  • Batch tracking and MHD management
  • Special inventory management (e.g. use of range of coverage analysis, promotions)


How does it work?





warehouse management system viadat

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We focus on quality and service. This is why, we constantly seek for optimisation to guarantee the best fulfilment of your requirements.

E-Commerce Fulfillment is a complex interplay of different elements - from the delivery of your products, through storage, picking and shipping to the professional processing of the returns. Our new warehouse management system from the company viastore SOFTWARE now supports these processes even better.