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The Post Offices ACL (advanced commerce labs) and Post Systemlogistik are now shipping the post-service garments in combination with the order platform and fulfillment services. So far, clothes are delivered in the old design. In the future, Post Systemlogistik will handle and ship the new garments.  


The webshop was reprogrammed by ACL - in line with the online ordering systems for the existing customers Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa. The branches are already ordering this and at the beginning of October the webshop will also be rolled out for the letter and parcel sector.

ACL also controls the logistics process. Post Systemlogistik handles storage, picking and shipping. As a component of the enhanced cooperation between ACL and Post Systemlogistik, marketing of the corporate shop service is planned.

WALTZ 7 is a start-up, which offers aroma shower tabs and thus the user a wonderful fragrance experience when showering - a spa feeling for the home!

But how WALTZ 7 found us is a funny story. At our place around the corner - within walking distance about 50 meters - is a sausage stand and there have asked the founders of WALTZ 7, whether the local operator coincidentally know a logistics specialist in the vicinity. After we get our sausages every now and then, this one referred to us - Post Systemlogistik.

Since May 2017, we have been able to count WALTZ 7 among our customer base. We assemble the boxes of WALTZ 7, pick by recipient customer and take over his entire inventory management.

... and in between we meet at the sausage stand.

A selection of products can be found directly on WALTZ 7.




© Post Systemlogistik / Hitradio Ö3

As in previous years, Post Systemlogistik GmbH has filled the Ö3 school bags for 100,000 first graders.

Preparations have been in full swing since July and the goods have been delivered successively by different companies. In August, around 15 employees picked and packed the Ö3 school bags. The finished parcels were then handed over to our parent company, Austrian Post, and delivered to the schools in time for the beginning of the school year. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a good school start for all first graders.

We wish all students a successful start to the new school year!